How to get a score of 8 or more in IELTS?

Getting 8 points or more may not be easy but it is not impossible. And since we are talking about IELTS, following some rules and some discipline would work, and a person needs dedication and determination to score well.

So let us look into what one can do to score eight or more in IELTS…

The IELTS has two formats of tests, IELTS Academic Test and the IELTS General Training test have four sections, i) Listening, ii) Speaking, iii) Reading, and iv) Writing.


To pass IELTS, you need English. And learning any language is not a one-day task, so if you are from a non-English speaking nation, start with the fundamentals of English grammar, listen to English songs and podcasts, and watch English movies or series.


Read as many English novels and story books as you can get your hands on. Talk to your friends on chats in English which is one of the best ways to learn how to write in English. Try to learn one new English word every day, try to understand the meaning of the word, try to use those words in your day-to-day communication, or explain what the word means to your friends.

Practice speaking English with your family, friends, or even a teacher. Then try writing English paragraphs or essays and letters and then have them reviewed by an IELTS-trained teacher. 

So to get better at English with professional help, watch youtube videos. There are also many free-of-cost and economical sources like Udemy, Future learn, ABA English, etc. 


 As for the final IELTS exam, one needs to enroll in a reputed professional institution. The experts and the teachers in that institute guide the students on how to score higher, they guide their students with their weak areas, where they think that a student is lacking and where they might need work or improvement. The institutes also give mock tests to their students, similar to the original ones. Those tests play a vital role as they help the teacher understand the student better. 

Tips for Listening test:

If we are talking about the Listening test, then watching movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu, or even Disney and Hotstar are some apps that we all use for movies, series, and documentaries. See movies in English accents, watch them again and again, use subtitles if you have to, and repeat what they are saying and how they pronounce the words.

Tips for Reading test:

Vocabulary is important, and without a medium range of vocabulary, you won’t be able to understand what you are reading. Try to learn a new word every day and the meaning of that word. Read any book in English, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, etc, which will improve your reading skills.

Tips for Speaking test: 

For the Speaking test, converse with your friends and family in English because you see them every day. And if you are not that comfortable with it, then try conversing with yourself and check if what you have said is correct.

Tips for Writing test:

As for the Writing test, you cannot be better at it without plenty of practice, you may be asked to write an essay or letter, and there needs to be a perfect structure that needs to be precise and well written.


There are no suggestions or rules that are proven that will work by which one will score eight or more in their IELTS. All we can do is prepare as well as we can. Although it is not impossible to get an eight or more, one needs to have some discipline that one can follow to get there.