Several opportunities have emerged for entrepreneurs as the world opens up to more business between countries. Business visas help facilitate trade between different countries. These are typically short-stay visas and allow visa holders to conduct business within the countries they visit.

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For applicants planning to study for a short period, the countries often divide the student visa into Short Term Student Visas or Long-Term Student Visas. Short-term visas are often given to students who plan to take a short language course or a diploma certificate course, and the entire duration is limited to 3 months (90 days). Long-term visas are given to students planning to study degree courses that will extend beyond three months. These could include internships and small certificate programs of six months and beyond. European Union countries often have this broad classification.

While each country requires different documents, the common ones include:

  • A valid passport
  • Travel details including accommodation and flight details business and professional credentials
  • Academic credentials
  • The evidence supporting your intention to return to your home country after conducting your business is strong. Evidence of adequate financial resources
  • A medical examination and evidence of sufficient insurance
  • Submitted application with an attached fee

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As one of the world’s leading business and professional visa & migration consultants, Xclusive Visionz can help you create a business and professional visa application with high chances of success. A consultant will assist you throughout the process and, will be dedicated to your case. Our support includes.

  1. Document Checklist – Systems
  2. We Provide Professional Visa Application Support
  3. Assistance With Gathering Supporting Documentation
  4. Visa Interview Preparation – If You Are Required To Have One
  5. Follow-up With The Consulate

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If You Are Employed, And Your Company Is Sponsoring Your Business Visa Application

A letter from the employer requesting the Visa for the applicant addressed to the Embassy/Consulate, indicating the length and purpose of the trip, and requesting for the firm to bear the total trip costs.

As An Owner Of A Business

Evidence of funds that show your ability to sustain yourself financially on tour. If you are currently employed, you should show your employer that you can support yourself financially during the tour.

All information regarding the financial and market position of the company and its history with your records, tax papers, sources of finance, and press/newspaper coverage regarding the company.

If You Are A Participant In A Commercial/educational/business/pro- fessional Conference Or Seminar

Evidence, printouts, brochures, or websites referring to the event.

To get a business visa from India you will need to follow a particular process

  • Obtain A Digital Photo Of The Individual Applicant
  • Complete The Business Visa Application Form Completely, And This Includes Application Fees Payment Too
  • Obtain An Interview Appointment For The Business Visa
  • You Can Complete The Immigration Visa Fingerprinting At The Immigration Visa Application Centre
  • Be Sure To Attend The Visa Interview At The Designated Consulate
  • Await Your Visa Decision