Why Choose Canada?

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World Recognition:

Canadian universities regularly appear in prominent ranking systems.

Welcoming Environment:

The United Nations has consistently ranked Canada as one of the most liveable countries.

A Safe Place to Study:

Canada is a safe and peaceful country.

A High Tech Country:

Canada has a highly globalized economy and is, in fact, one of the world’s ten major trading nations. In Canada, educational institutions are located on large campuses, all of them have modern high-tech equipment, comfortable student hostels, sports halls, small class sizes, and highly qualified teachers which make studying in Canada really enjoyable, high-quality, and effective.

Affordable tuition fees and living costs:

Canada’s institutions typically charge comparatively affordable fees. The cost of studying in Canada is 35 – 40% cheaper than in Europe. The cost of living is 20-25% lower than in the neighboring US.
Work during the study is permitted for international students, regardless of marital status. If you’re married, your spouse will be allowed to work full-time while you study. You’ll be able to gain practical work experience through internships

Great Employment Opportunity:

The majority of graduates end up being employed in their field of study within the first six months of graduation. Graduates from a Canadian university or an institution can work in Canada for up to two years after completing their studies after a post-graduation work permit is over, the student can apply for permanent residency under various categories, such as CEC, PN, etc.

High Research Value:

Two hundred thousand international students choose to study in Canada each year.

High living standards:

Canada is held among the three countries with the highest standard of living.

Practical approach:

An important advantage of Canadian education is its practical orientation. A lot of programs and courses provide internships during the study period. The main thing here is not money but the fact that the student is gaining practical experience (both for the student and the resume) and the fact that many employers hire students for permanent.

Canada is multicultural and a bilingual country:

There is a strong base of Indian community and students can learn one of these languages at the same time.

Popular cities

  • Study in Toronto-
Cosmopolitan and economically thriving, Toronto is the cultural heartland of Canada. Toronto is a city of migrants and is as open to outsiders as it gets. A dynamic metropolis that is home to many institutions, it is no surprise that 25% of Canada’s entire foreign student population has chosen to study in Toronto.
  • Study in Vancouver-
Vancouver topped Mercer’s quality of life survey for North America in 2016, a position it has gotten used to over the years. Vancouver is surrounded by nature and admits students from renowned schools.

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