Why Choose Dubai?

If you’re considering moving to Dubai for work, you will likely need to obtain a work permit first. Here are the details on how to get your UAE work visa, and start your new life in the UAE.

Dubai work visa:

A work visa is a permit that allows a foreign national to work in a country for a specific period of time. If you wish to work in the UAE or do business here, you can apply for a 60-day work visa that will allow you to arrive in the UAE and start working immediately. During this period you must apply for and obtain an employment and residency visa – through your UAE employer – which is usually issued for another two years. The applicable rules are different depending on your nationality. If you are from within the UAE, there is not much paperwork to be processed.

Servants may be brought in by existing Residence Visa holders under certain conditions.

UAE Job Sectors:

The UAE, an oil-rich country, has dealt with fluctuating oil prices and global oversupply, but on the whole, the economy has been strong and has seen rapid growth in recent years.
  • Artisanal Handicrafts and Textiles, Construction sites, Petroleum and Petrochemicals are some of the most common sectors.

Work Visa Types:

The type of Visa and document required for anyone intending to work in Dubai would be a Residence Visa and a Labor Card. To obtain these, you must first undergo a medical examination and you will then be issued the Work Visa for Dubai. An identity card is an identity document that needs to be carried at all times, as you may be required to present yourself for spot checks by labor officials.

The exact documents you’ll need to provide will depend on the visa type the applicant applies for. The company will first have to make the application on your behalf and will need to demonstrate that the business is properly registered and that the job you’re being employed to do could not otherwise be filled locally.

In addition, you can expect to be asked for the following supporting documentation to support your employer’s application:

  • Valid Passport (at least 6 months validity) with Visa application form
  • Applicant’s photograph and Application fee
  • Entry Permit authorized by the Ministry of Labor with a Valid health certificate.
  • One copy of the employment contract is for the party employing the employee, one for the party being hired and one for the Ministry of Labor.
  • Educational certificates and professional qualification certificates
  • A legitimate trade license has to be obtained for the company.
Additional documentation and information is required depending on the applicant’s country of origin.

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The procedure to obtaining a work permit

  • The first step to apply for a work permit in Dubai is to get approval from the Ministry of Labor. The employer needs to apply to the UAE for the employee to enter. This procedure must precede the employee entering.
  • Once the Ministry of Labor has granted an approval receipt to an individual, the Ministry of Labor will issue a permit for the applicant, thereby providing the individual with access to legally enter Dubai. This work permit is valid for a period of two months from the date of issue. It allows the person to stay in the UAE for a period of 30 days.
  • After the employee enters the country, he/she begins the application process to obtain a labor card. Labor Cards and IDs are issued by the government for two years. Once the applicant has entered the country, they need to apply for a Residence visa within the 60 day period and complete all formalities.
  • After completing all of the above-mentioned steps, you now need to visit the Emirates ID Service Center along with the appropriate form and your passport, and a valid entry permit.
  • As a result of his or her medical test, the employer applies for the residence visa for the employee. An employee needs to go to any of the government hospitals for their medical test.
  • After getting the medical test results, the applicants can go to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai with all the required documents and get the visa stamped on the passport.

Whether you intend to work for a company or a private individual, it is your employer who is authorized to apply for you a valid visa. There is also a 90-day visa on multiple entries for those coming for a couple of months. It is important for you to have your business registered before you can receive tax breaks.

If you are studying, there may be a job you can work while you are still a student, that does not require a new work permit.

Emergency Study Visa.

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